What is a “BallBand™“?

A BallBand™ is basically a sweatband for your junk, except it’s not as thick and bulky as a sweatband (which our testing showed was too heavy for the job). It fits over your testicles and rests at the place where your balls meet your body.

What material is a “BallBand™” made of?

A BallBand™ is made from a modified sock/sweatband hybrid material, and is composed of 85% acrylic, and 15% nylon and elastic. It is extremely lightweight (a single BallBand™ weighs about .2 ounces, so five of them together weigh just one ounce), comfortable (sometimes, you’ll actually forget that you’re wearing one), and absorbent (strong enough to get you through any workout, yoga and crossfit included).

What is the size of a “BallBand™“?

An unwashed BallBand™ is slightly larger than three inches wide (unstretched) and a little larger than one inch tall (unstretched).  When washed and dried, it will be slightly smaller. Due to the inclusion of elastic, it fits a wide range of sizes very comfortably. We tested various heights, widths and degrees of stretch, and found this particular set of dimensions was the most comfortable for the largest number of our test population of wearers.

Are “BallBands™” ready to wear?

BallBands™ are not pre-washed. It is our recommendation that you wash them before wearing, just to be safe, particularly given where you will be wearing them. 😉

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